Between Christmas and New Year


A beach tent bought in the sales, left-overs from a wonderful Christmas feast, three hats, a bottle of sunscreen and some glorious summer weather (at last!) - these were the makings of two wonderful days spent at the beach between Christmas and New Year. I always find that time between Christmas and New Year quite magical. Everything goes quiet.  It's almost as if the world, just for a second, holds it's breath and takes stock before the busy-ness of the new year begins.  There are more dreams and fewer regrets. I am quite convinced that magic happens in those five days, what with everyone making new years resolutions and all.  Everything seems just that little bit sweeter. Oh, but I digress!

I was initially sceptical about the beach tent, it seemed like an indulgent luxury and the traditionalist in me thought that the only things required for a good day at the beach were bathers and a towel. Five minutes of shielding Emilia from the sun and I was a convert.  We even managed a nap under said tent!  In the end, the water was still too cold for little toes, but watching the waves and feeling and tasting the sand was more than enough excitment to begin with. We came home with sand everywhere and that wonderful beach smell of salt and sea mixed with sunscreen and sweat.  They'll be more of these days, I'm sure, but for now the memory will have to do as we head back to work and the daily hum of our new life in Canberra.  The busy-ness has begun again.


Siobhan said...

Looks like a wonderful time. I agree with you about those days between Christmas and New Year. Everything does feel just that little bit more special. I've spent the week mourning it all being over.

Happy New Year! x

Tara said...

looks like a fabulous time!

Anika said...

That time period does seem like everyone is a bit more relaxed... this looks like a perfect way to spend it!

PS- We take the tent whenever we go to the beach now. I know what you mean but it does make a perfect shield for the baby...even when they are older it's a nice place to get out of the sun for a snack or nap.