How were your holidays? Ours went something like this.
Christmas 2012-8.jpg
Christmas 2012-5.jpg
Christmas 2012-94.jpgChristmas 2012-9.jpgChristmas 2012-66.jpgChristmas 2012-27.jpgChristmas 2012-18.jpgChristmas 2012-87.jpgChristmas 2012-49.jpg
As my Dad pointed out it had been six years since all four girls were together in Melbourne for Christmas. And with six years came the addition of five new people to the table. There was more food than any of us could possibly contemplate eating, naps for everyone in the middle of the day, good wine, bonbons, bad jokes and even a Christmas carol or two thrown in at the end of a long but wonderful evening. And at the end of it all we attempted a photo of Nanou and Dapa with the grandkids. I'm hoping that someone else might have got a good one of them all, although the silly one will perhaps always be my favourite.


HRANDICA said...

Seems like you had a great fun with family all together.
wish you all the best in 2012.

Clare said...

Gorgeous photos as always, I love Emilia's bewilderment looking at her crazy relatives making faces! So cute. Looks like fabulous family time. The boys are so big! Happy New Year