Banksia ManFly-catchersTall boys watching for cloudsShelter from the sun
I'd forgotten about these photos. Fragments of an afternoon spent exploring the Canberra Botanic Gardens.  

I've been in a bit of a creative funk of late, I pick up the camera and think "now what?"  It all seems too hard.  Perhaps I'm over thinking it.  Anyway, I feel like I need a bit of a creative kick up the backside, something to get me moving beyond the funk and back towards making and creating.  And while I've never actually managed to complete a 365, when I look back at some of the photos I took during my failed 365 challenges, I like the photos I took.  Not all of them, no definietly not, but some of them I like.  And some of the best ones (in my opinion) were taken at the 11th hour when I had nothing to give (or so I thought) and I just picked up the camera and snapped. "Hey presto. Photo done. Onto the next task of the day." So I'm contemplating doing a 365 again. 

Maybe I'll start on Monday.


Liesl said...

Very pretty and unique pictures! I think we all get in a bit of a creative rut at times, but I am sure it will strike you again very soon and I can't wait to see what your eye captures on camera!

Liesl :)

justine said...

I like these pictures, I remember going to the botanic gardens years ago, did you go to that place in canberra with all the minature houses and trains etc? I was in a funk too and needed a creative kick so I started taking pictures on instagram with my iphone, it really did the trick and I am doing a 365 with that, do try it if you have an iphone.

Tara said...

I would love to do a 365 project, but I think I am going to wait until I hit a rut! I have so many pictures running through my head right now, but I know its a matter of time before I hit that rough spot with pictures.