Seven things and Six Coasters

The lovely SJ from Cracks in the Pavement tagged me the other day with a list of 7 things. In a spot of lovely coincidence, when I got home from work I discovered a package from SJ in my mailbox ! It was almost as if the Postie knew I was going to be tagged by her in cyberspace!  Such a happy coincidence. Anyway, SJ's lovely little package was six very cool, handmade coasters. The backstory is that I had a bit of green-eyed envy when I spied the coasters that she made for herself using a Frankie tutorial back in January and in a spot of blogger-love she offered to make me some. They are perfect for our Berlin apartment and are now dotted around the place ready to protect wooden surfaces from hot mugs and wine glasses.  Even Matthias thinks they're "okay", which is high praise for someone who previously had an irrational hatred of anything coaster-like. Thank you so much SJ!

And now onto seven things about me:

My due date is 15th July 2011. Twenty-seven weeks and counting. I'm both extremely excited and a little bit scared that we are still a long way off being ready. Nursery? Pram? Peadiatrician? Citizenship?!? In some kind of illogical logic I've started knitting the Bean lots of little cardigans, hats and blankets. If nothing else, this baby will be kitted out in cute knits.

I have a love affair with maps. I will study a map for hours if given the chance.  Ironically I have the worst sense of direction, don't know my left from my right and probably won't be able to tell you where we are on the map. But I love studying them. Especially the old ones.

Currently I work as a Pharmacoepidemiologist. Try telling someone that at a dinner party -  even amongst a group of medical-researchy type people it's a little like saying your a Tax Accountant.

I collect old bananas in the freezer. Sometimes I delude myself into thinking that I'm going to make them into Banana Bread or Muffins but really I know that they'll get thrown out the next time I defrost the freezer.

I got my first grey-hair when I was 21. I have no idea how grey my hair is now but I guess it's pretty grey. My hairdresser (who I love) is refusing to dye my hair while I'm pregnant. In protest I'm not getting it cut either. This is back-firing badly as I've ended up with a grown out hairstyle and badly home-dyed hair. Incidentally the association between maternal hair-dye and childhood diseases is weak with only one study showing a small increased relative risk of chidlhood neuroblastoma in a subset of women who used hair-dye in the two months surrounding conception. This "evidence" is not sufficient for me and I think the results are more likely to have occurred by chance than anything else. (That bit about being a Pharmacoepidemiologist? Sometimes it comes in handy... one of my secret skills is the ability to read and interpret medical studies. Yippee!)

I'm a fantastic sleeper. Any time, any where, any place. I've fallen asleep standing up in a crowd and on several occasions mid-sentence. This skill isn't always desirable.

I've visited all the continents except Antarctica and South America.  I'm not so keen to go to Antarctica, but I'd love to pack up a suitcase and travel through South and Central America for six months.I have a feeling that my footloose and fancy-free travel time is almost up, but a girl can still dream.

And now, over to you, I tag these three lovely European ladies:

Li + Belle from Li + Belle
Siobhan from Hello, Flower!


Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

I've never considered collecting bananas in the freezer. At least it's that and not something that you'd really never use. And how quickly your due date is approaching! Great list of seven random facts.

Kelly said...

I have bananas in the freezer as well! We do bake fairly ofetn, but it's still annoying when one flies out and hits your foot. It was fun to learn more about you! :)

Kelly said...

often :)

Krystal said...

I loved reading your 7 things!! 27 weeks is going to FLY by.
p.s. check my post today for affordable alternative to those earrings, someone found some for me!

Anika said...

Great post, really enjoyed learning these 7 things about you!
Thanks for the link too, I like these coasters a lot and will have to give the project a go.

Jamie said...

Yeah - I couldn't never do your job - I couldn't even spell it.

SJ said...

yay! so glad you liked them! i can't wait to see pics of your little one in adorable hand knitted cardigans :)

Cat said...

Those coasters are uber cute! I love that you admit that you store ripe bananas in the freezer...I am so guilty of that and just had to toss some that were over a year old (sorry, I know that is gross) a few days ago. I had full intentions to make banana bread...honest!!! :)

Siobhan said...

Those coasters are really gorgeous! Love your 7 things too. Thanks for the tag :) xx

Li + Belle said...

The seven things about you are very interesting. I like this game - it's nice to learn more.
The last few weeks until delivery will pass quickly - and the time passes, much, much faster when the child is born. Unfortunately.
I want to turn back the clock sometimes.
But it is - so far - the best time of my life. It feels so much (mother) love that can not be believed before, and that one can not compare.

As soon as my PC works, I set my 7 things. Thank you. :)

Indie.Tea said...

I wouldn't mind being a bit grey (well, I say that now, but who knows what will actually happen when a grey hair shows up). I think it looks distinguished.
The coasters are adorable!

Monique said...

Those coasters are awesome. So yes, your job title is probably the longest of any I've ever seen. Still a bit confused about what you do don't worry. I'll google it :). Glad your baby will be nice and warm with all the knitting you're doing. I traveled three months in S. America and would love to go back again. One good thing about not dying your hair is that when you do you'll look significantly different and it will be fun. You'll have a fresh dye and a cut...

Katie said...

You could sell your frozen bananas for up to $15/kg here a the moment. Sheesh! I flinched a little tonight as Rowan chowed down his second banana in less than 5 minutes. Anyway, I enjoyed reading these even though i knew most of facts behind them!

Anonymous said...

I love maps too, there is just something about them!

Kristina said...

Clare, just read your 7 things (I must have missed that while being in Russia) and I also just saw that you tagged me!! So sorry, for not noticing it earlier... I loved to learn more personal things about you and I really had a hard time pronouning your job title! :)
Have a lovely day!!