like love letters falling from the sky

Valentines Surprise

- Flowers left on the table on Monday night - because we said we weren't celebrating, and then he did
- This restaurant
- A first kick
- Blankets searched for in the middle of the night
- Merengue
- Conversations about Focaccia and McDonalds to an Italian "from the south"
- The promise of guests in Spring
- Spaghetti with Muscles
- New clothes (that fit!)
- Blue skies
- and a successful experimentation with home felting

Just a few of the things that made my week great.

What's making you smile this week?
Day 36-42


Diana Mieczan said...

Awww...you felt the first kick? That had to be really special. Something that made me really happy this week is the dinner we had in our favourite Greek place on Monday night. It was such a special evening.
Kisses, my dear

amanda {the habit of being} said...

yay for first kicks and surprise flowers!

Brandi {not your average ordinary} said...

Just gorgeous. And first kicks? That would make my week. Right now, I'm just enjoying morning cuddles with my cats.

Tara said...

such a beautiful picture!! I love all your pics! What an amazing week!!

Anonymous said...

The first kick - how exciting! This is an absolutely gorgeous photo - the light and the colours are stunning. The beautiful sunny weather we had today was a highlight of my week.

justine said...

that first kick, so wonderful! and these flowers are beautiful and the light is perfect on them, what a great week you have had.

SJ said...

this week i'm happy because my boss told me i'm doing a really great job, i might have found my wedding dress, i finally saw black swan (not a happy movie but glad i saw it) and my fiance is just all round lovely.
very exciting about the first kikc, it must have really sunk in now!

Jamie said...

What a brilliant week - mine wasn't nearly as good. But taking 20 pairs of old shoes to goodwill sure made me happy. Room in the closet for new ones.

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

The first day of being unemployed and following my dream. The bunch of yellow tulips AC got me. Finally having moved back to Berlin. My new iMac. My new tripod. Blogging. Life. :)


Stella said...

What lovely things! I got surprise flowers too, which I was actually VERY surprised about, because he normally forgets... My highlights this week have mostly been in the form of games played with the wee one. Honestly, I wish I did this more...

Ashley Sisk said...

Oh wow what a beautiful week - and a lovely surprise. I love the flowers.