Imogene Cunningham (1883 - 1976)

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But now onto this week's photographer: Imogene Cunningham.
Imogene Cunningham (1883-1976) was an American photographer who studied in the US and Germany before setting up a photo studio in 1910.  My favourite works of her's were those taken in the 1920s and 1930s.  She seems to have approached photographing flora and the nude in a similar way, so much so that when viewing her photos from a distance the two subject seem to blend together making it sometimes difficult to determine which is which. I love the simplicity of the first two photos , the curves of the women are reflected in the curves of the flowers and there is a symmetry and harmony in both pictures that is incredibly calming. 
During the later part of her career, Cunningham began experimenting with double exposure.  This photograph of Martha Graham is one of my favourites.  


Krystal said...

there is something so calming about these, I like them

Kelly said...

beautiful lines and lighting. I like this series you do - it's introducing me to a lot of new photographers.

justine said...

she is one of my all time favourites, I absolutely love her work, glad you do too!

Jamie said...

Her work is incredible!

If you do decide to go with Disqus I'll be curious - I've toyed with trying it, but never made the time.

Anonymous said...

Great work. Influenced by the surrealists no doubt.

Jen said...

wow, she is awesome, thanks for sharing