Scottish Livingstone Hospital

The hospital where I work in Molepolole recently got an upgrade. Almost overnight the old missionary hospital was abandoned for the new, government-owned hospital across the road. The old buildings have been left, almost exactly as they were. It is possible to walk through the corridors of the old building and across the covered walk-ways. It's an eerie place, and yet beautiful at the same time. Slowly the bougainvillea, dust and rain are wearing this place down. But for now, time stands still and you can almost, not quite, but almost still feel the people who worked, lived, died and invariably prayed within these walls.

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Becky said...

Hello, we are 2 medical students in England hoping to do our elective in Botswana. We came across your blog whilst searching for hospital addresses and just wondered if you would be able to help us. Do you have the name of the chief medical officer or the doctor in charge of the scottish livingstone hospital?
Enjoy your travels