Botswana's Best: A Twitter Paradise

So I'm leaving in two weeks and I thought as a challenge to myself I would post about things that I like about this country and part of the world. Because, despite everything that has made this past 3 months difficult, this place deserves more than I have perhaps allowed it.

First up - the birds. It is impossible not to fall in love with Botswana's birds. At this time of year there are hundreds of different species migrating from the northern hemisphere. The city has the constant soundtrack of bird calls and the colours are magnificent. Even the most cynical people pretending to be 'too cool for school' have been known to quietly state that they saw 'such-and-such' a bird on the way to work.

1. African Skimmer 2. African Jacana (Jesus Bird) 3. Ostrich 4. African Sea Eagel 5. Helmeted Guineafowl (Chobe chicken)

6. Vulture

1. African Ibis 2. Open-billed Stalk 3. Egyptian Goose 4. Black Darter (Snake Bird) 5. Open-billed Stalk & Spoonbill 6. Spoonbill
1. Orange-breasted 2. Lilac-brested Roller 3. Glossy Starling 4. Cape Weaver 5. Vultures 6. Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill

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