Mosetla Bush Camp

As promised, more on my trip to Madikwe Game Reserve. Veronica and Scott were visiting from Uganda and we had a lovely 3 nights at Mosetla Bush Camp. The camp is in the middle of the Reserve and despite no electricity or running water it was definitely "glamping" and not "camping".

Inside a deliciously warm and comfortable bed and more Oil Lamps. Plus a "potty" in case you woke in the middle of the night and weren't game to walk across the camp to the long-drop and potentially meet a lion or two. Thankfully there I had no such need and didn't need to romanticise about being in the 1800's where 'going potty' was still all the rage.

Meals were cooked on the open fire. The Poikje (black pot) is a feature of South African cooking and out of this pot came the most lovely beef and vegetable stew.

Keeping to the 'glamping' theme - this was where communal dinner was served. Again lit my Oil Lamp. I felt slightly sorry for the man who had to light the 110 lights every night, but it did make the place look so nice.

More on the animals - there were lots! But the winner in my opinion was definitely the Giraffe. So clumsily elegant (is this possible?). I could watch them all day.

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