Something is wrong with my computer, or the Internet connection. Or both.
I can't attach anything - photos, links. Formatting is also out the window.

Hmm.. but Design Sponge doesn't seem to be having any of these problems and today they are celebrating all things wonderful and arty in Flinders Lane.
Yep, the beautiful New York Design blog has come to Melbourne.

PS - I fixed it!

And in the process of fixing I discovered something new about my computer. Apparently the "preferences" section of the Internet where you select different security options works. And 'java plug-ins' are needed for formatting and attaching pictures using Blogger. Who woulda' thunk it? I switched these off in a vain attempt to get something else to work on the Internet this morning and, well, that stopped gmail and blogger working properly.

But back to Design*Sponge. Check out their post on Flinders Lane in Melbourne. Such beautiful pictures and unique art. On my list of places to revisit in December.

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