I appreciate that I'm doing this backwards, but turns out you don't take a lot of photographs on your wedding day. You can, however, take a few on your honeymoon. Which is what I did.  We spent a very lazy week on a sleepy island that makes up part of the Aeolian islands between Sicily and the mainland.  We slept, we ate, we read books and occasionally we mustered up the energy to visit the beach. The summer season officially ends 30th September so we had the place almost to ourselves. Pretty wonderful and the perfect antidote to the craziness that had gone on the two weeks before.  

Back home now with a thump. Jet lag and the reality of routine getting the better of all of us but at least we all now feel recharged enough to deal with whatever comes next.

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Justine said...

oh my goodness I hadn't realised you were getting married! congratulations that is wonderful and it looks like you had a fantastic honeymoon!