Oi! We're in full-on dummy withdrawal around these parts. After a bit of prepping and preaning I managed to convince E that giving her dummies to a 'baby' that needed them more was a good idea. On Monday we wrapped up her four remaining dummies in some beautiful wrapping paper. A quick call to a heavily pregnant friend and we were in business. Seriously, what would we do without awesome Mama friends? She didn't drop a beat - of course her new baby would like the dummies! Actually she was just in the car and could pop around and pick them up. On the front step you say? I'll be there in a few minutes... E was less convinced.  After initially being right into the wrapping and sticking at some point she realised that this might actually be really happening and she got that look that kinda said whoa the train's left on this one and I'm not sure I like it.

Safe to say she's hating it. Tantrums with the occasional glimpse at a very articulate little girl. At some point last night between screaming episodes she sat up out of bed and asked "Where dummy gone? I don't want baby have it. I want it back." and a little bit later "I trying. I no want to sleep. It hard."  This, more than anything is breaking my heart. Two more days of this and the dummies are being unpacked and mysteriously appearing around the house again.  Baby can buy it's own.

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Justine said...

good luck! hang on in there, it will get better. Did you mean to put a picture on this post?