A few people have asked me what it was like 'honeymooning' with a 2 year old and why we didn't just allow her to have an extended sleep-over with her cousins while we relaxed and enjoyed newly married life.  The short answer is we would have missed her too much.  The longer answer is a complicated mix of parental obligations, the challenges that come with taking a 2 year old out of her comfort zone, the fact that E is part of us and we wanted her there and a very real acknowledgement that our week in Salina was the first time that it had been 'just us' holidaying since E was born. And whilst I admit it probably wasn't a traditional honeymoon it was pretty wonderful.


Kristina said...

Wonderful pictures!!!
I miss Italy!!! :)

And for sure I am still up for talking photography! I will write you an Email :)

Oranges and Apples said...

I think it's lovely that you took her, and the pictures are beautiful!