Sud Kunstpark

Sometimes in the most unexpected places you find curious things. Like this Artpark, tucked away in a remote and very small village in the Austrian countryside. The name is as much of an enigma as the works within - there is no north, east or west Artpark to speak of. If you were geographically minded you might argue that the park sits at the southern tip of the village, but geography has never been my strong suite so I really couldn't say. Anyway, there it is, nestled between the forest and the vineyards, a curious collection of bright, whimsical sculptural pieces by a Canadian artist.  You might also wonder what a Canadian artist is doing in southern Burgenland but that, again, would be something I couldn't answer. 
So with very little explanation other than the little I have said above, I give you the artwork. I loved almost every piece. Some made me smile, a few made me giggle. The man in the second photo only began to relieve himself when you stood within a few metres of him. Fun to see a group of adults regressing into 5 year olds when the question of wee comes up. Poo and wee jokes never really get old, do they?


But I think this little girl was my favourite of the lot. I've forgotten the title now, but it was something along the lines of "dirt in eye". There was a small amount of moss growing on her gumboots from her constant crying which somehow added to the whole piece. And I just love her posture and the position of her feet. The artist got it just right.


Liesl said...

How different and fun are these?!? Thanks for sharing them...and it is so true that you can find things you least expect at any time! :)

Liesl :)

Jamie said...

What a perfectly darling little garden.

amanda {the habit of being} said...

what a fun place to spend an afternoon!

Menthe Blanche said...

Beautiful discover! The little girl in blue is fantastic. Thank you for sharing :)

Anika said...

What a treasure of a spot. I too love being in a place and stumbling onto a hidden space like this. Your photos of the art are beautiful too, captured the place so nicely.

Saphira said...

wow! these are wonderful pictures! and looks like a wonderful place to relax n admire the mordern sculptures!

beautiful :)
what cam do u use?

krissy rock said...

i love these pictures! Those are such cool sculptures! I love those.


Anonymous said...

wow, where are these? I am actually from southern burgenland, but i have never heard of the place before!