Off the Needles

Off the needles... well, mostly anyway.
Autumn Hat
This little hat, the Organic Beanie by Mel Clark was initially destined to be a 'welcome baby' gift. It travelled down to Burgenland with me and was quickly finished and ready to be wrapped up and given away but fate had other plans. It somehow never made it to the present wrapping stage, morphing instead into Emilia's go-to hat to keep the chilly winds at bay. The pattern is a great little, quick knit. Simple and the options are endless once you start playing around with the accent colours, as it's Ravelry page shows.
Garter stitch Kimono
I also managed to finish this Garter stitch Kimono on the train back to Berlin from Burgenland. I was a little worried that the self-striping sock yarn wouldn't look very good on the v-neck and I'm still not sure that it was really that great a choice of yarns.  It's old sock yarn from my stash that I was keen to use up and, really, at this end of the year it's warmth that counts. Right?  The buttons also came from my Op-shop button stash so all-in-all a very cheap baby gift for little Baby G.
Fair Isle Gloves
And finally, mittens for me. The first one has been finished for a few weeks now, but it took a chilly evening playing backgammon outside at our favourite Arabic Cafe before I realised that the time for gloves will be quickly upon us and really, it'd be a shame not to give the left mitten a mate.  Plus the pattern is quite addictive. The rounds are quick and the patter materialises before your eyes. Yup, happy knitting days are upon us now that the days are shorter and just a little bit chillier.


Jamie said...

You've been busy!

urban muser said...

you've got some great things to show for all your knitting. i like the self striping yarn with that little kimono. so cute!

justine said...

you are clever, I keep saying this but I do wish I could knit! looks like you will all be very warm this winter

My Beautiful World said...

They are lovely my friend you have been busy getting ready for winter while over here we are packing our winter gear away. Have a great day

Always Wendy

Stephanie said...

Oooh, colourwork mittens! With such delightfully fuzzy yarn. Looks like you've been getting in good knitting time. =)

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

all of these are so perfect! so talented!!
xo TJ

Annika said...

You're such a good knitter! I really like the colours you picked for the mits.

Anika said...

That Kimono is the cutest thing ever. What a nice job you did!