This weekend marked the end of my first week as a solo-parent. I'd like to say I survived with grace and charm but I think in reality it was more like fumbling in the dark and hoping that both me and Emilia survived the experience. The week has definitely left me with a new found appreciation for single-parents and parents who's partners travel a lot. By Sunday afternoon when Matthias got home I was ready for a little Emilia break and some adult conversation. So while Emilia slept quietly by our side we indulged in some Sushi at my favourite Japanese Restaurant in Berlin, Sasaya.  We were almost finished before my little colicky girl came back to life and we needed to make a quick dash for the exit... have to say that I'm looking forward to that magical 3 months when colic is supposed to disappear!


Kristina said...

mmh, yummy, the sushi looks so good!! and emilia is so cute and tiny!! :)
have a great start into the week!

brlracincwgrl said...

Hope you have a great week! :).

Emilia is precious!

Dorian Susan said...

Two sweet images Mama Clare. Glad you survived the weekend. I admire parents, and single parents as well. You all do a job I'm sure I couldn't handle. Glad to hear your voice again now that the break is over. Happy day to you.

amanda {the habit of being} said...

mmmm...sushi. just remember, this too shall pass.

My Beautiful World said...

Well done my friend you did it!!

A lovely dinner of sushi to celebrate....with love all around you xo

Always Wendy

HRANDICA said...

Little princess!So lovely, but still gives you hands full of work. I can understand that part about "singel parenting" very well. I did it, too and still doing with two kids.Some times is realy ufff! :)

ELK said...

such a sweet photo.. sorry she is colicky ..it such a challenge!

justine said...

lovely sushi shots, looks delicious. Poor you with colic, both my children had colic, hang on in there!