I haven't blogged in a while. I've been busy perfecting the art of international travel. A quick trip back to Australia has meant that when I eventually get back to Boston I'll have spent 80 hours travelling in the last week. Not all of this has been on planes, in fact the flight from Boston - Melbourne was suprisingly stress-free. I was expecting mayhem. Afterall, I was flying on Thanksgiving Eve. But perfect connections and an empty seat beside me between LA and Sydney made for a pleasant flight home.

Being home has been full of emotions. Happy to be back in Australia. Loving the warmth and the sun. But also sad for the circumstances that precipitated my return. Excited to be seeing three very pregnant bellies and yet melancholic that I'll miss the arrival of three friends babies this summer. The list goes on. And a hectic schedule of drving around Victoria has meant little sleep compounding jet-lag.

But through all of this - the joy of a good coffee. And the loveliness of a glass of sparkling Merlot shared with my parents whilst overlooking the vines at the farm.


Anonymous said...

Hi Bear
Glad your back safely and nice to know "I've got mail"

Christie said...

It was ace to have you home Clare... but it IS a nice consolation to have the blog back on the go!!!

Christie said...

...but why are you blogging at 3.35am??

Clare B said...

Thanks for the post Jenny! I managed to get back but had completely forgotton that it's so cold and walked out this morning without hat, gloves and scarf. Promptly went back inside and redressed. It was definitely nice to have a little warmth in Melbourne!