Harvard-Yale Game

The 125th Harvard-Yale Game seems a little while ago now, but I thought I should post a few shots of the momentus occasion.  Prior to the game my knowledge of the game consisted of watching movies where people were watching the game.  Limited, yes, but in hindsight probably sufficient.
Here are a few things I learnt:
  • Tail-gating parties are a little like the Melbourne Cup Carpark, only with more beer and less champagne.  And people start drinking at 8am.
  • Watching sport in -3 degree weather is not fun
  • Drinking beer in -3 is not fun
  • Actually, -3 is not fun
  • It's important to be loyal to your team 
  • American football is a little like Rugby, only you can throw the ball forwards
  • The scrum is played four times, at which point you measure whether the attacking team has advanced 10feet.  If they have, they keep the ball.  If they haven't the defenders get the ball.
  • The game moves slowly
  • If it's -3 no one can catch the ball
  • There are different teams for attacking and defending, and for kicking.  Time-outs allow the different teams to run on/off the field
  • To keep warm, the teams that are "off" use exercise bikes
  • There are no exercise bikes in the stands for spectators
  • In -3 degrees you stop feeling your feet at quarter time
  • In -3 you stop feeling your legs at 1/2 time
  • Hot Apple Cider will not warm your feet
I can't tell you who won.  We called it a day at 1/2 time.  I went home, took a bath and started feeling my toes an hour later.

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katie@weheartbooks.com said...

Too funny, bear. Will return to this post whenever I need some laught medicine. A great post. xo