Tuesday Travel Tips... Cambridge to Longwood

Having settled in Boston I'm struggling a little to come up with Tuesday Travel Tips.  I'm in the hunt for a new regular weekly post.  Any suggestions?

Anyway, this week I thought I'd wax lyrical about my route to school.  I live in Cambridge, the main hub of Harvard.  It's where most of the schools are situated, the undergrad campus is here and not surprisingly, it has quite a good buzz to it.  Unfortunately the Public Health School isn't here.  It's over in the Longwood Medical Area, a 20 minute bus ride across town.  Every morning I get the M2 Shuttle, a great free service the university offers to get people quickly and easily between Longwood and Cambridge.  Like the tube in London, people LOVE to complain about the service - "it's too slow", "it gets stuck in traffic", "the drivers are terrible".  But I love it.  I love the 40 minutes each day I get to read.  I love eves-dropping and looking at what other people are reading and I love creating stories about who they are and what they do.  Mostly I love the fact that it's someone else and not me driving in Boston!


katie@weheartbooks.com said...

What about - hidden corners of Cambridge? Giving us the wrap on things that the normal tourist wouldn't find makes us feel like we have exclusive info... Or strange things (foods) you can buy in America? 'Have you ever seen anything like it Tuesday?' Or profiles of some of your fellow students (if you think they'd want to)? Is that enough for starters??
I can relate to your post, I wish I caught public transport to work... would give me so much more time to read!

Clare said...

How about a weekly post on something you love doing in Boston, like what food you bought and how you cooked it, or what interesting shops you went to or 'this is how it's done in Boston' anecdote about things perculia to Harvard/Boston/America? P.S. I am so grateful that I can walk to work in London, the tube is Dantes Hell!