This week I'm eating...

Autumn is here, although is doesn't really feel like it today with Tropical Storm Hana causing humidity to go up to 80%. But the produce in the Farmers Markets are beginning to take on a more Autumnal feel. There's still plenty of tomatoes, this week I'm trying the cherry tomato mix (foreground).
I'll also be eating:
  • green and white beans
  • corriander
  • orange capsicum
  • what must be the very last of the nectarines
  • McIntosh and Royal Gala apples
  • French Breakfast Radishes
  • and lastly a delicious Sourdough bread
Tomorrow I'm off to a "pot-luck" brunch before our official welcome at the Harvard Faculty Club. I'm going to take a wonderful Cous Cous Salad I found on one of my favourite food blogs, Mostly Eating


Clare said...

Is that your photo? If so, food looks wonderful and really cool photo of food, can see every grain of couscous! Yummo.

Clare B said...

No such luck Clare. The photo also comes from Mostly Eating... I really should have cited it when I first wrote the entry!