Tuesday Travel Tips... Computer leads, Cords and Chargers

When I first travelled in 2001 I didn't even take a mobile: my camera had an LCD battery.  Now I travel with (in no particular order)
  • Computer charger
  • Camera battery charger
  • Camera USB cord
  • SLR Camera charger
  • Adapters for USA, England and Europe
  • Back-up drive
  • Phone charger
  • Phone USB Cord
  • iPod Charger
  • iPod USB Cord
  • iPod
  • SLR Camera
  • Point and Shoot Digital Camera
  • Phone
  • Computer
I am amazed how quickly we have managed to complicate our own lives with cords, attachments and plug-ins.  I would award a Nobel Peace Prize to the person who facilitates universal electricity sockets and a universal battery charger.  Music to my ears!


Clare said...

Hi Bear,
I have a very similar draw in new flat. Not so neat! To be honest, I just love pencil and paper, so much simpler!

Clare said...

For some reason, your nice picture has disappeared from your Skype profile. What is the time difference in Boston to London?? Want to talk soon! x