Tuesday Travel Tips - People in Unexpected Places

I've been in London almost 10 days and almost everyday for the first week made attempts to catch up with friends from uni who were staying in Kent.  Try as we might, our schedules never quite aligned and whilst I fly into Dublin tomorrow on my way to Boston (!), they leave to head back to London.  Ditto for a friend from the Women's who is currently moving between Ireland and London.  Trying to make arrangements to see people seemed to be getting the better of me.  

No matter, content to be entertained by Clare and Shane who have generously leant me their 'couch' for the week, I found myself strolling through Portabello market in Notting Hill on Saturday morning.  Maybe it was a mutual love of chocolate brownies, but Tess and I almost literally bumped into each other at the pastry stall.  I didn't even know Tess and Mike had left Australia yet - they were in London for 4 days before heading to Turkey for a sailing trip with other Royal Melbourne friends.  A great chance meeting, and an excuse to have lunch out.

Another chance encounter on Sunday.  A fairly well organised breakfast catch-up with Lucy Forbes who has been living the expat life in London for the last 18 months.  It was great to see her and Louise, another ex-RMH person from Intern days!
It's a small world after all :)

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