I (we) survived a week of me flying solo. Hurrah! In the midst of the week there were two, yes two, sleeps through the whole night. I will not say it loudly but I do believe we may, perhaps, if we are very, very lucky getting semi-close to E feeling safe and secure enough to go it alone between the hours of eight and six. It has been a long journey but she is an impressionable lady and the suggestion that she might be able to sleep through the whole night - just like Otto (her cousin) - seems to have worked where the thousands of other methods we've implemented over the last two years have failed.

So buoyed by two nights solid sleep, M's return and some beautiful winter weather, we ventured to the Zoo and the beach.  Not a bad way to spend a weekend really.


Monique said...

8-6? Wow, well done, I hope it sticks. Glad you got some rest and survived parenting solo.

Josh will be away when our babe is about two weeks old but my mom will be here to help out.

Clare B said...

Having your Mum around will be good - at two weeks I barely knew up from down and was still very much getting to know life as a Mama and life with E. Good luck for the next few weeks!