I'm solo parenting this week. It's been a while since M has taken a long-ish trip and I admit I wasn't looking forward to it.  This time I decided to just slow down and take the opportunity to just "be" with E as much as possible.  To coax her through this time without her 'Papa' with as much grace and good humour as I could muster. In doing this I've let some things go. We haven't had toilet paper in the house since Sunday. We ran out of tissues yesterday morning. Thankfully we had some hand towels underneath the kitchen sink which seem to work and are not nearly as scratchy as you might initially think. I will make it to the shops before M gets back but so far spending time with E, with space in the between-times for me, has seemed much more important.

Last night E slept through, the whole night - I woke up to hear her singing to herself at 5.45 and my heart nearly exploded with happiness. The whole night! Happy baby sounds! A well rested Mama! These are things I wasn't expecting from the week. Oh happy day!

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twoblueshoes said...

Oh my lord, this sounds amazing! (The sleep, not the toilet paper situation.)

I have a solo week or so coming up and I am kind of dreading it. Perhaps I need to look forward to the magic it's going to hold rather than dwelling on the exhaustion. (Or the dishes. I will miss my live-in dishwasher.)