Wedding Shawls

I'm knitting myself a wedding shawl. It's traditional and lacy and to be perfectly honest I'm a bit over my head with the nupps and the double yarn overs and the ridiculously thin wool.  I'm a little worried that when I block it all out it's just going to look a jumbled mess of holes where there's supposed to be a pattern. But it's a nice distraction from the, you know, important bits of getting married like planning the ceremony and writing vows. I'm finding that planning a wedding has brought up all these "things" that I need to think about that I really never considered before. I say "things" because saying they're issues gives them more importance than they really ought to deserve. I'm not sure that they even matter at all and perhaps I'm just other thinking it.  You see, I'm not sure I like the idea of someone (anyone) walking me down the aisle. And I'm a little confused about what to do with my name - the great to change or not to change has reared its head and I've managed to tie myself in knots over-thinking the feminist, cultural and fashion cycles of the great name-change debate.  So rather than thinking these issues through and coming to some kind of rational answer, I knit. Slow, painstaking stitches while filling the rest of my mind with repeats of the West Wing. I think it is perhaps the best antidote to wedding over-think-ery I know.


Franca said...

I didn't know you were getting married, congratulations! That shawl is gonna be beautiful.

On the name changing, I changed mine because it's way easier to have Scottish name in Scotland than a German one literally no one can pronounce (Eirich. It doesn't seem so hard to me but dear god the pronunciations people came up with!), but if it wasn't for that i would have gone double barrelled like my mum did.

germangreeneyedmonster said...

the colour is beautiful!
I kept my name after the wedding and to be honest, never even thought about changing it. This name has always been representing who I am so why change?!

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