International Women's Day

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I couldn't let today go by without a saying something in this little neglected space of mine.  As much as anything, today has become the day where I take stock and do a bit of thinking about the where's and how's of my life.  I'm pretty busy at the moment and at a loss to say much except this: today is important. It's important for so many reasons - on a global stage so many women still lack the basic freedoms that most of us take for granted. Here in Australia, despite over half of university graduates being women, there is a dearth of women taking up positions of influence and power in the media, in politics, on corporate boards and in hospital departments.  Maternity (and paternity) leave entitlements are inadequate and support for childcare is, well, almost non-existant.  Yes, it might sound a little blah. blah. But it's important, and today is the day to do a bit of thinking about it. 

Happy International Women's Day everyone!

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