Christmas Treats

Christmas making-1.jpg
I have been itching to make things for Christmas for weeks now. If my sewing machine and box of crafty treasures was with me and not in some container somewhere on the Pacific Ocean I'd have perhaps made something like this for our fireplace or a few of these for our Christmas tree. I might even have made a stocking for E and some little boxes for storing her toys. But such lofty goals will have to wait for next year. This year it's all about simple.

**A note to my family: If you think you might be getting a stocking present from me this year and still want it to be a surprise on Christmas Day, don't read any more!**

Christmas making-2.jpg
Some Christmas paper, bought on the mandatory "new home" trip to Ikea.

Christmas making-3.jpg
Cut and pasted onto old jam jars filled with a Christmas inspired granola, based on this recipe here

Christmas making-5.jpg
And because you're never too young to start enjoying the making and creating that comes with Christmas, some labels, made by E (with a lot of help from her Mama) inspired by this post here.

Christmas making-15.jpg
All culminating in some very delicious, but oh so simple, homemade Christmas-y goodness ready to be sprinkled onto yogurts, fruit and other breakfast-y kind of things on Christmas Day.

Christmas making-12.jpg


Franca said...

what a brilliant idea! happy christmas!

Anika said...

Love it! What a great idea and so festive...nice way to make it something special and personal for the family.

amanda {the habit of being} said...

love that you included your sweet girl in the crafting!

Krystal said...

this is so well put together, i love the idea!

Jamie said...

What beautiful gifts - your family will love them.

urban muser said...

beautiful! i love the note to your family--i can't help but wonder if any of them kept reading :)

green tea and red nails said...

gorgeous! making granola is still on my christmas to do list... although my gift tags won't be as adorable as yours!!

Kel x