Little Sister Dress

Tora Froseth's Little Sister Dress. I started this back in June, put it down and then picked it up again last week. The mindless, but oh so meditative, stockingette stitch was perfect for the nights, and lets be honest, days spent with my feet up on the couch listening to Podcasts and watching my fill of True Blood.

I think it'll fit for Christmas... If, that is, the Bean is a girl, and we're in Europe, and, and, and... There's a lot of 'ands' and possibilities in the mix before this knit can be safely worn on Christmas Eve. But sometimes it's best not to think about these things and just to knit. 

More details can be found on my ravelry page.


Dorian Susan said...

So sweet Clare. Mindless stitch...hah. For you maybe. Little Bean. Trying to remember what my bro and sis in law used to say...little monkey or peanut.
No matter, some child will look adorable in this piece.

The Yellow Door Paperie said...

This is such a beautiful little dress.

lisa said...

To me there is nothing mindless about knitting, at least not my (very lame) style of knitting :-)

This is just beautiful Clare, and glad to hear you have your feet up!!

justine said...

you are clever, it's good to be mindless at the moment as you won't be once your baby is born!

elle said...

you were right!!! xx