I'm a little late in posting today. The day seems to have got away from me. I all of a sudden realised that it's almost 'thinking about dinner time' really before I've had a chance to think I've started the day at all!

We spent a lovely weekend in Vienna attending a quite traditional Austrian wedding. The reception was at the Kunsthistorisches Museum and we were lucky enough to be able to take a guided tour through the new Duerer, Cranach and Holbein exhibition. I don't usually like 1500s paintings but a lot of the portraits in the exhibition were of couples, painted to celebrate their nuptials and I got quite caught up in the moment imagining these new pairs embarking on their lives together. Matthias and I also got a chance to practice some of our new dancing skills. The consensus is that we're much better than we were in January, but still need a lot of practice. Especially in managing to avoid banging into other people. Ahem.
Sunday morning we were back on the train again and 10 hours later, back in Berlin. Lots of time spent reading, snoozing, knitting and enjoying drinks in the dining car.


Kristina said...

really nice wedding shots, I love Vienna and it is also the best backdrop for a romantic weeding I think :)

and yes, you are right, on Sunday afternoon (when I took the pictures) the sun was out - and so was the wind :)

Jamie said...

Your wedding shots are gorgeous! What a perfect weekend.

amanda {the habit of being} said...

that sounds like a fun weekend getaway! love that the bride + groom traveled by horse and carriage - so very romantic.

lisa said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend for you Clare, and your photographs of it are fantastic, as always!

justine said...

these shots are fantastic, what a great wedding, another perfect weekend for you!

Kristin said...

You're right, the images recall the train ride from here to our area near the Danube. I like the small villages and the hilly country.
The marriage must have been very nice, the bride looks happy. Add to that a leadership that is a highlight.

Anika said...

You go to the BEST parties!! Loved following the days through these images, very pretty scenes and happy moods. That one of you and Mattias is so wonderful...lots of love in those eyes.