Back in Berlin

Back in Berlin after a magical trip home which went far too quickly. I scheduled some posts, let my mobile go flat, turned off my computer and soaked up the Australian sun. No phone calls, no internet, no blogs (!).  I didn't take a photo everyday and I didn't feel guilty. I slept a lot. Played with my nephews, went to the beach and ate yummy food.  We visited the rock and then reluctantly I got back on the plane and came back home. 
I'm only just getting up to date with all the lovely comments everyone wrote over the last month - thank-you to everyone who stopped by, your comments have made the transition back to Berlin a little easier.

More later.


Kristina said...

Welcome back Clare!
I also just got back from Costa Rica and I am adjusting to the freezing cold here in Bern!
Have a nice start into this new week.
viele Gruesse, Kristina

Kelly said...

Sounds like a fantastic trip! Welcome back!

Brandi said...

Welcome back, Clare! So glad to hear you had a wonderful time away. Sometimes it's really nice to just unplug like that. Hope your return to the digital world goes smoothly.
Happy Monday!

Em said...

Glad you're back safely and that you had a wonderful time! :)

SJ said...

i imagine that would be a really hard transition. the weather changes alone would be crazy enough!

sounds like a great trip home, turning off the phone is always a good thing i think.

hope the transition back to europe is an easy one, i know how hard it can be to adjust.

Anika said...

Welcome back! Pretty shots.

Jamie said...

Welcome back. Sounds as if you had a perfectly perfect holiday!

Dorian Susan said...

Thanks for sharing a few Austrailain shots...I'm so glad you had time away and how smart to "unplug". Welcome home.

Katyha said...

that family shot looks lovely