2010: January - June

January - Prenzlauer Berg
February - Sans Souci
March - Leeds
April - Tuscany
May - Berlin
June - World Cup, Berlin


Kristina said...

Love the picture from Leeds, looks so magical and mysterious! Happy new year Clare, hope it will be a great one!
Viele Gruesse, Kristina

Mode.Karussell said...

Love the marriage picture. Truly amazing.
Hope you'll check out my blog too.
Love. Mimi

ching said...

wow you went to see the world cup?
nice photos.

justine said...

what lovely photographs, is that you in Tuscany? what a wonderful place to get married. In answer to your question on my processing I use Lightroom 3, have you tried it? can't do photoshop at all, lightroom is great.

Anika said...

These are all such beautiful moments you captured. What nice pieces of the year.

urban muser said...

gorgeous photos. love the pizza shot!

Stephanie said...

I visited Sans Souci in a February too. Really bad time of year to go there! Your pictures are so beautiful. It looks like you faced 2010 with a delighted attitude. :)

Wendy said...

Great collection! The one of Leeds is so lovely, great mood. And the wedding photo is filled with such joy. Have a happy New Year!