October Photo Hunt

My submission for the Photo Hunt Challenge. Twenty photos over one month doesn't sound like a lot but it was a challenge in the truest sense.  Many of these photos have been posted here over the month, but I needed to put them all in one post for review.  

Oh... and I'm sure that the old man in the 'Dining photo' is famous, but I have no idea who he is - he's British is the only clue.  Politician, Actor? Am I making it up?  Please help me out!

In Disguise
Am Freidrichshain


Fall Colours

Jack O'Lantern
ClareB_jack o'lantern

a shot from the ground

a landscape

a fall tradition - Oops, forgot about this one.




Faces in Nature : (pulled from the archives). If you squint hard, on the bottom right there's an old woman. I really struggled with this one!
ClareB_faces in nature

Tilt-Shift Photography
48/365: Bikes at the Wall

B&W with selective colouring
Autumn Leaf


best photo of oct 23rd

from the kitchen

something vintage

something creepy
When the Ghouls Come Out to Play

something golden
32/365 : leaf

a self-portrait


andrea said...

the berlin pumpkin has stolen my heart

Kristina said...

Lovely collection!
The "sth golden" and "shot from the ground" pictures are my favorites!
Viele Gruesse, Kristina

Zoe said...

Oh I love your photography so much, what a treat to have 20 photos in one post! I can't decide my favourite, top three are something golden, fall colours and the shot from the ground.
I failed at the photo challenge this month. Maybe next time!

justine said...

wow, they are all so interesting and so well composed and lit. I don't know who the old man is, don't recognise him. Well done for all these great pictures.

ching said...

Bokeh... wow i enjoyed these pictures. you are so good at it. bravo!

HRANDICA said...

Beautiful collection. Selective one in B&W is ohh..great.

Brandi said...

Clare, these are all so amazingly gorgeous. That landscape scene positively takes my breath away. And that tilt shift photograph is incredible! Everyone looks like little figurines. Do you have a new Photo Hunt assignment for this month?

Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a stunning collection:)
Btw: I have two Westies..
Happy Tuesday, my dear

Krystal said...

that photo from the ground is incredible...all of these are. and i love your self portrait so much!

allyn said...

beautiful, clare. i especially like the vintage and landscape ones. appear to be such faraway places in a dreamy way. pretty prety.

britni @ Antika Moda said...

wow! Great work!!!!!

Darlene said...

Love the shot from the ground, self-portrait, and the pic of the rice is creative. Here are mine:

lisa said...

These are all so wonderful Clare. I especially like the third one. Makes me want to be there. Thank you for visiting. Now find yourself a Polaroid! :-)


Ashley Sisk said...

I seriously love the entire set Clare - you are amazing and I've seen such growth in your photography in the past month. I know you must be so proud of yourself!

Dorian Susan said...

Wow Clare....amazing photos! I love your photographic style. My fave was something golden, but also liked vintage, books, your interpretation of in disguise, and the fabulous shot from the ground. Would never tire of seeing that photo. It was a lot of work-but fun.

Siobhan said...

You're photos are really amazing.I'm lucky if I take that many good ones in a whole year and you've managed it in just a month! The sixth one is breathtakingly beautiful.x

SJ said...


love the tilt shift photo, i'm learning all sorts of things on this blog!

jane said...

wow, wow, wow, double triple wow and a half, those are fantastic. Your shot from the ground is wonderful and the landscape looks like another world, so evocative. The face in nature is so clever. and you look beautiful in your self portrait - love the lipstick!

JMay said...

Amazing photos

Tara said...

These are all amazing. Love them. I love your child, shot from the ground, and landscape so much.

SarahinSC said...

Wow! Amazing photos! I like them all so much! I am your new follower!

urban muser said...

so so great!! i love all of these photos. i don't know if i could pull one of these photo hunts off!

whichhazeel said...

love the tilt shift...i completely struggled with that one

Em said...

Ooh, I love them all! The self portrait is gorgeous! :)

Pam @ Kassie's Beach said...

Wow, great shots. Your shot from the ground is amazing. It stumped me at first. I thought the pic was upside down. Then I realized it was a reflection.

Mrs Mar said...

WOW, I just love your shot from the ground pictur.

Anika said...

Stunning photos...I kept thinking "ooo this is my favorite, no this is my favorite..." Great tilt shift and love that Dining image. Very pretty.

Sarah said...

Love these photos! Your child and vintage shots are awesome but I think I like the shot from the ground the very best! :)

Jessica said...

Love the shot from the ground!

Alita said...

There are so many amazing photographs. The from the ground shot is so visually appeasing. I truly enjoyed every. single. shot.

Samara Link said...

Clare, I love your decision to post a bit but otherwise take a break from your blog. Please don't feel obligated to reply to my comment, as I want to encourage this technology break you're taking! Anyway, your photos, as always, are amazing. I am so impressed with you. Your jack-o-lantern carvings are fabulous and totally clever. Your shot from the ground is insane, Clare. What a capture! You could sell that. Your landscape is pretty and makes me want to go on a nature hike. Your selective color is simple beauty, much like something golden. I liked dining because it felt like you were letting us be a fly on the wall in the middle of an interesting, intimate dinner conversation. And your capture for child/children might be my favorite of all. Nicely done!