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Back by popular demand.  The markets are finishing up for the year and for a while I tried Wholefoods for my local vegetables, but I was finding it too expensive.  Ironically, my saviour has been Boston Organics, a small company that delivers organic, seasonal and (when available) locally sourced fruit and vegetables to your door once a week.  This week in my box, navel oranges, pears, kiwi fruit, bananas and delicious local vegies - pumpkin, spinach, pea shoots, celery root and lettuce.  From last week I still have some parsnip and cauliflower - I'm thinking about cooking up some good winter soups over the weekend

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Amanda Dines said...

Dear Lady B,

More lovely stories from you. The seasonal vegetable lucky dip sounds like a great way to go. If you are looking for inspiration, the Australian Gourmet Traveller has recipes on their website, which is probably better than subscribing for you, cos, in case you haven't noticed, your seasonal veges are all upsidedown compared to ours ;-))

A variation on this cauliflower risotto is my favourite discovery from last winter...and sharing it with you has inspired this latest epistle. http://gourmettraveller.com.au/cauliflower_and_taleggio_risotto_with_anchovy_pangrattato.htm

My variations have evolved over time due to kitchen and pantry restrictions, and concern about fat content and cost. You might like to try: half the butter and substituting butter for ghee,unless you have some left over from a big indian cook up; any old rice except jasmine or basmati, even if you do have them left over from said indian cook up; dry spices, and thyme instead of oregano, which basically taste the same to me; stock to suite your budget [once it is boiled with cauliflower it just needs to be a bit salty]; no marscapone, way too fatty and it is creamy enough if you don't let the stock all soak in before you turn off the heat; half the amount of tallegio [or any washed rind cheese-Port Salut is available world wide and is cheap ] cut into 1/2 cm cubes and stirred though after turning of the heat; no parmesan, unless you are devoted to it; slow frying the pangratto on the stove top...because, even though I am now a rich QHealth Dr, my oven doesn't work:-))

The pangratto essential and is wickedly delicious. It also keeps well in the fridge for adding to other blandish dishes later. Truth be told, I think the Talleggio is also worth it. It is a really cool cheese.

Happy cooking and eating ..... Amanda