Traveling with Mum and Dad

I've spent the last few days in Verona with Mum and Dad. I had forgotten how much of traveling can revolve around yummy lunches and dinners, with a bit of culture thrown in. We spent most of the time ambling around the old city, searching for the next place to eat a delicious Veronese three-course meal.

The highlight (for me) would have to be in Bordolino, a small resort town on Lake Garda. Around half an hour's drive from Verona and quick trip down the autostrade from Germany, this town is now mostly frequented by German weekenders. We stumbled across a fantastic Venetian seafood restaurant. The place looked a little dreary in comparison to the other restaurants, but the owner was enthusiastic and we ended up having an amazing meal of seafood antipasto - fresh sardines grilled with caramelised white onions, BBQ prawns, marinated seabass, little Scallops grilled with a sweet sauce and the most heavenly tomato and squid salad I've ever had. For main course mum and I had lobster spaghetti, half a lobster each and a delicious, simple Italian spaghetti sauce. Laguna White Wine and lemoncello from Naples helped wash it all down. And, as only can happen in Italy, our delightfully enthusiastic owner has just got his Australian permanent residency and plans to open his "little Italian cafe" in St Kilda Junction in June!


katie@weheartbooks.com said...

Yum, my mouth is watering! Not sure mum would approve of a photo of her derriere being on the internet. Can't wait for a family dinner at the cafe in St Kilda... Perhaps to celebrate your return??!

Clare said...

Hi Clare,
not sure if my last post worked... this is a wonderful blog. Love your favourites list, just spent 1 hour in a trance, weheartbooks.com is fantatic. I emailed the 3 pregnant girls I know just to tell someone! Look forward to Paris blog next...? X

Sue said...

Thanks for removing the offending photo! Hve been busy with HSNC stuff but another week and it will time time to think of Sicily and ... more Italian food! I am almost ready for some warmer weather again.