For the record my suitcase weighed 25.7kg on departure from Tullamarine this morning. The maximum weight for domestic flights in Australia is 32kg, the weight for international is 25kg. I think I would probably be safe, but just to make sure I've had a last minute cull. This is what has ended up on the hotel room floor.

A pair of jeans, thermals and my glasses cleaner. I admit it's not revolutionary, but it's a start.
And this is what I've decided I'm wearing. I've calculated that there is at least 500gms in these innocent looking accessories!

My last morning was spent having intensive "sister" time. Breakfast at Eden Cafe on Maling Road is pretty much the only time we're going to spend together this year. So between Rowan's Music Classes and my flight to Sydney we caught up over lattes and poached eggs.
Jane flew in from Germany last night and what with me leaving for Sydney today the Barnett girls will have spent about 18 hours in the same country in 2008. Cafe Eden should feel honored!

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katie@weheartbooks.com said...

Yay to much future Barnett girl togetherness! Am honoured to be your first commenter AND to see WeHeartBooks in your favourites!!