I am still without camera. The insurance company did, amazingly, come through but unfortunately my particular camera is out of stock and I am waiting on the next delivery. After pestering perhaps a few too many times last week I've been told that I will be "first to know" when they arrive. I'm resisting the urge to call again. In the meantine my phone will have to suffice.

Cool winter days and an open fire and I've got my knitting mojo back. I've finally finished a hat for me and I've been trying to quickly knit up a few baby friendly gifts as there seems to be another little baby-boom going on amongst our friends.  All the knitting and crafting goodness has been duely noted by E. Lastnight she insisted on doing a bit herself. Curious to see what exactly she had in mind I loaned her a "to be frogged" jumper. With the exception of not having a piece of wool in her hands, her technique couldn't be faulted. Lots of click-clacking with her eyes firmly fixed on the documentary playing on the Mac.  After a few minutes she was off being busy doing something else although it did get me thinking about crafty, woolly things that she might be able to do herself.

Does anyone have any ideas?  Woolly, crafty things for toddlers. I'm all ears.


Lisa Gordon said...

How much fun to see her take an interest in your knitting, Clare! I wish I could remember what they were called, but as young children, my kids used to have these patterned wool felt pieces that they could cut out with child's safety scissors, and then glue to plastic forms (animals, cars, etc). They would play for hours with them.

Sure hope your camera arrives soon!

Allana said...

How gorgeous she is! Growing so fast too :)
Glad to hear your camera will be replaced, must be a relief!
I think one of the first things I did with The Munchkin was to stretch some hessian on an embroidery hoop and thread some wool onto either a plastic needle or a very blunt metal one for her to stitch with. From that early practice she can now do a very nice running stitch. I had tried knitting Nancy's but she couldnt quite get them until I have her a lucet which she does well (she is now 6.5 though) I have seen some interesting all fingers/hand knitting on Pinterest too. Hope that gives you some ideas!
Ps. Meant to tell you before how excited I was to see the little vintage pants I sent you fitting your wee girl so nicely - such a great surprise and she looks super cute in them :)

Anonymous said...

I've been working on crafty things with alice. She longs to knit but just isn't ready beyond pretending. But we have had a ball with coloured paper and glue. It's her go to thing but I guess she's a little older than E at four. But trust me the glue thing is huge. It's our go to right now.

Bells said...

I've been on the hunt for such things for Alice. She's four, so a bit ahead of E, but she too loves to sit and pretend to knit. Often I just give her a small leftover ball of something, knit a few rows of 10 stitches or something and away she goes. Not knitting, but moving the stitches around. She tells me she's knitting a hat or a cardigan.

I figure when the time comes to actually learn to knit, she'll have the feel and the love of it ingrained and the reality will be easier.

I taught my now 12yo niece finger knitting a few years ago which kept her amused for a while and she graduated to making long chains with a crochet hook.

that's all a bit advanced for E yet though. I'll tell you what I do hope to find for alice - sewing. Something like long stitch, with big, easy stitches and big fat sewing needles. I think that'll be a good thing.