A New Beginning

The blog has been quiet of late. I've been resting and reflecting on what has been an incredibly busy year. My life has taken some unexpected turns. Twelve months ago I would never have imagined that I would be contemplating a move to Bostwana. But in three short weeks I will pack my suitcase again, this time bound for Gaborone.

I'm still a little unsure about what my job entails, but I'll be working for this group as a physician on their Clinial Trials Unit, managing the paediatric HIV/AIDs trials.

So the blog is changing a little, but the adventure continues. For now I am relaxing in Vienna.

One of the great things about Vienna, is it's close proximity to almost everything in Europe. A six day tour around the Alpes included a short stay in Turino, which was unexpectedly beautiful. And a trip through Mont Blanc to Geneva and back to Vienna. It's the wettest summer in 200 years in europe - so not fantastic photo material, but the food, wine and company have been wonderful.

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Elle said...

very excited to see the blog lives on!! love the new header pic. xo