Harvard Hockey

Another 'American Experience' accrued on my belt.  This time the Harvard-Colgate Hockey game at Harvard Stadium.  You might remember that I went to the Harvard-Yale Football game back in November.  It was a forgettable experience - cold, slow and not particularly interesting.  So my expectations of hockey weren't too great.  I had been warned that I wouldn't be able to see the puck, I expected unnecessary violence and I anticipated leaving at half time.
BUT, I was wrong.  I actually really enjoyed the game.  The rules, once I figured them out, were not that dissimilar to field hockey, only modified for ice.  They do throw each other against the walls of the rink, although when you watch the game you begin to understand why.  They skate so fast toward the flying puck that there is often no time to stop.  Although I will admit that the players do take advantage of this situation to add a bit of 'spice' to the game.  

Final result: Harvard wins by a goal (3-2), in the final two minutes of the game.  And I have finally found an American sport that I like.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bear
how's things? hope ur ok....haven't heard from you in a while.
We have had Mia & Monty madness at our house for 8 days which included Mia in the last hour of her stay escaping and crossing Canterbury road twice on Friday afternoon peak hour traffic. needless to say i was totally sick,literally. Somehow she came out of it in one piece.off to tassie for a week rowing nationals with chris.
love jenny